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19273 Chemical accident in Japan with benzine (fp<21/c) (gasoline)
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General accident information
Class/Quality * * *
Year 2003
Summary Collision on slight bend of tunnel caused huge
Explosion, fire, damage to tunnel and
2 casualties
Country J
Location TUNNEL
Chemicals Benzine (fp<21/C) (gasoline)
Cause Human-failure
Fatalities/Injuries 2 / 0
Occurrences or events Collision, Drive, Drive, Explosion,
Fire, Fire fighting/Emergency response, Ignition, Oscillate/Swerve,
Full accident information 
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Country: JAPAN (J)
Date : 2003 0118

A head-on collision between a dumper truck and a tanker truck happened around 1350 hours on a slight bend about 50/meters from the north end the tunnel on a national highway (mountainous road), which is covered with a concrete roof to guard the highway from rockfalls. The tunnel is about 320/meters long and has a double lane. A road tanker (tankvehicle) carrying 10/m3 of gasoline crossed into the opposite lane, collided head-on, causing an explosion. The huge explosion was caused when the fuel it was carrying ignited. The dumper truck was transporting gravel.
The fire was put out after about an hour and 20 minutes, but authorities and local police say traffic remains halted at the scene. The bodies of the burned drivers, respectively 66-year-old and 38-year-old, were recovered from the wreckage some 80 minutes after the accident.
About a 50-meter stretch of the interior of the tunnel was damaged.

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