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13559 Chemical accident in France with ethyl acrylate
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General accident information
Class/Quality * * *
Year 1990
Summary A driver of a tanker truck carrying ethyl acrylate
Lost control of his vehicle on a railway bridge
And fall onto lines of a railway causing release
And 1 casualty
Country F
Chemicals Acrylic acid, Ethyl acrylate
Cause Human-failure
Fatalities/Injuries 0 / 1
Occurrences or events Burst/Rupture, Clean-up, Collision, Drive,
Fall, Fire fighting/Emergency response, Hoise/Lift, Oscillate/Swerve,
Pollution/Contamination, Pump-over, Recover, Release,
Safety-measures, Safety-measures, Safety-measures, Safety-measures,
Full accident information 
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Country: FRANCE (F)
Date : 1990 1218

At 0350 hours a driver at the wheel of a road tanker truck (tankvehicle) carrying 26/m3 of ethyl acrylate lost control of his vehicle when it was crossing a railway bridge and caused it to fall onto the lines of a railway, a 6/m drop. The driver was seriously injured.
During the fall, the truck tore away the catenary and struck at metal post causing the tank to tear and releasing 5/m3 of ethyl acrylate which on spreading caused danger to the underground (UN) water table.
The arrival of assistance was at 0427 hours. The first operations consisted in setting up a safety perimeter, a firefighting force and means of recovering the product leaking out of the tank. Later during the morning, the road tanker contents were transferred and made inert. After testing by an expert from the shipping company, the nearby sorting yard activities were permitted to continue.
At 1530 hours, the road tanker was lifted and the railway tracks were cleared.
The recovery of the product continued for more than a week. Several piezometers were installed to pinpoint the pollution and tests on the biodegradability of the ethyl acrylate were carried out. At the end of February, 1991, analysis revealed residue of the ethyl acrylate degradation products such as acrylic acid. The soil was treated with lime to accelerate its elimination. The operations were terminated in July 1991.
This event led to establishing of a Dangerous Substances Plan of the railway company for the sorting yards basically designed to protect the personnel and facilitate emergency action in the event of accidents on rail cars carrying dangerous substances.

Un camion transportant 26000 litres d'acrylate d'??thyle se renverse sur une voie ferr??e. Le chauffeur est bless??, 5 m3 du produit se r??pandent sur la voie. Les pompiers sont g??n??s par les ??manations d'acrylate d'??thyle qui agressent les yeux et irritent les voies respiratoires. La circulations ferroviaire et routi??re sont fortement perturb??es.

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