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12852 Chemical accident in Switzerland with ammonia
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General accident information
Class/Quality * * *
Year 1995
Summary Release of ammonia after disconnecting empty tank
From supply line caused 1 casualty
Country CH
Activity STORAGE
Chemicals Ammonia
Cause Human-failure
Fatalities/Injuries 0 / 1
Occurrences or events Burst/Rupture, Dismount/Disconnect, Fire fighting/Emergency response, Pollution/Contamination,
Release, Shelter-in-place, Traffic-interruption
Full accident information 
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Date : 1995 0719

When disconnecting an empty tank, a supply pipe was damaged and 150 to 200/liters ammonia was released. As a preventive measure windows and doors had to be closed. The fire brigade used also a water curtain. The traffic was interrupted for 1/hour. 1 policeman was injured and had to be hospitalized for observation.

Beim Wechseln eines Ammoniaktanks wurde eine Zuleitung besch??digt, wobei 150 bis 200 Liter Ammoniak ausflossen.

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