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12736 Chemical accident in Australia with hydrogen (pressurized)
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General accident information
Class/Quality * * *
Year 1995
Summary Overpressure caused a cylinder head of a
Gas compressor to fail causing release of
Hydrogen and fire
Country AUS
Chemicals Hydrogen (pressurized)
Cause Human-failure
Fatalities/Injuries 0 / 7
Occurrences or events Defective-working, Fire, Human-operations, Maintenance,
Overpressure, Physical effects, Wrong-action
Full accident information 
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Date : 1995 1001

A cylinder head of a gas compressor failed, resulting in explosive decompression and fire as the compressor was being started after maintenance.
Six employees and a security officer were injured as a result of the accident with the most serious injuries being ruptured ear drums and shock.
The compressor and adjacent area were also extensively damaged as a result of the fire.
Investigations into the accident showed that the primary cause was the installation of one of the discharge valves in the reverse direction. This resulted in the build up of pressure within the cylinder.
The company involved has implemented revised procedures and has modified the valving arrangements to ensure that it can only be inserted in the correct orientation.

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