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25831 Chemical accident in Canada with natural gas (pressurized)
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General accident information
Class/Quality * * * * *
Year 2014
Summary You need to be a member to view this.
Country CDN
Location OTHER
Chemicals Natural gas (pressurized)
Cause Management-failure
Fatalities/Injuries You need to be a member to view this.
Occurrences or events Abnormal conditions, Block-of-system, Block-of-system, Blow-away,
Burst/Rupture, Burst/Rupture, Cooling, Corrosion,
Corrosion, Crack, Crack, Deformation,
Evacuation, Explosion, Fire, Fire fighting/Emergency response,
Fireball, Groundsubsidence, Groundwork, Human-operations,
Ignition, Management-failure, Management-failure, Physical effects,
Safety-measures, Safety-measures, Traffic-interruption, Welding/Cutting
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  • The attribute data contains 81 records.
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