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Accident properties used in the FACTS database
Overview of all the accident properties in the database
Abstr Abstract 19409
Activ Activity 25725
Adate Accident date 25722
Address Place of the occurrence 25722
Aninv Animals involved 81
Area Area 2086
Cargo Cargo description 336
Cause Initial cause of accident 25764
Chem Chemical 41947
Class Classification of accident 17459
Coating Coating 109
Conctr Concentration 1578
Contmt Containment 83
Cost Not specified cost 6389
Date Year+date of other occurrence 1264
Dchem Chemical made by company 1681
Dcld Diameter of cloud 53
Dcont Diameter of containment 263
Depth Depth 588
Diam Diameter 251
Dist Distance 1852
Dpipe Diameter of pipe/Line 1895
Dprod Products made by company 1329
Drwng Number of drawings 860
Dstign Distance of ignition from rel. 68
Dtime Time span between occurrences 8619
Dtype Type of company 8609
Encir Environmental circumstances 8101
Eninv Environmental involved 601
Envdm Environmental damage 9828
Eqact Construction change 131
Eqappl Equipment used for 897
Eqcir Equipment circumstances 2667
Eqdate Year-date of make 1399
Eqdm Equipment damage 12757
Eqinv Equipment involved 25856
Eqmade Equipment specification 2330
Eqstat Actual status of equipment 96
Eqstdt Year-date last maintenance 241
Fatals Number of fatalities/Dead 4672
Fatans Number of dead animals 545
Flow Flow 272
Hcld Height of cloud 137
Hcont Height of containment 277
Height Height 967
Hflam Height of flames 745
Hmact Actions for prevention 126
Hmcir Human circumstances 659
Hminv Humans involved 5637
Hrup Height of rupture 22
Husoil Humidity of soil 2
Injurs Number of injuries/Wound 9894
Length Length 1995
Lesson Lessons to be learned/Learnt 3012
Load Filling or process load 7437
Loctn Location of occurrence 25960
Lpipe Length of pipe/Line 220
Missng Number of persons missing 124
Nchem Nearby chemical 678
Occur Occurrence 38350
Opool Area of pool 229
Orup Area of rupture 349
Photo Number of photo's in doc. 3054
Posrup Position of the rupture 320
Press Pressure 1668
Psa/Ppe Personal safety articles (ppe) 1094
Qcont Quantity of containment 2900
Rchem Reaction chemical 1834
Route Way for 2 or more acc. parts 42
Scene Short description 21487
Soil Type of soil 43
Speed Speed 494
Spill Amount of spillage or release 7411
State State of chemical 38042
Surftr Surface treatment 6
Surr Surrounding of acc. location 9125
Temp Temperature 1364
Text Extra text for readability 6411
Thsoil Thickness of soil 11
Thwall Thickness of wall 518
Time Local time of occurrence 13563
Tmcld Visibility time of cloud 6
Tmflam Time of flames 133
Tmrel Time of release 1344
Treatm Medical aid 5230
Typrel Instant. or continual release 45
Video Video available 255
Weight Weight 905
Wide Width or wide 545
Wndans Number of wounded animals 92
Wndng Cause of death or wounding 9715
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