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Accident model
An accident can be looked at as a chain of undesirable events (occurrences). The presence of contributing factors will influence the course of the accident. When there are no factors, the chain of events may stop (near miss). Once the necessary factors have been triggered the accident, after some time 'the point of no return' is reached and the accident becomes inevitable. The accident model, which is used for FACTS to code the collected accidents, is based on a chain of events (occurrences). This is a simplified scheme.
Event 1: Occur Wrong- action Typing error in recipe

Eqinv: Reactor: Hp 1 diels-alders reaction 
Eqappl: Resin polymerization (d.a.) 
Press: Design pressure 2000/Kpa 
Temp: Design temperature 315/c 
Eqmade: L.qmc 52 
Eqdate: 1959 

Event 2: Occur Pump- over from tank nr. 634 to reactor
    Technical information   
Event 3: Occur Wrong- composition Too high concentration of DCPD
Event 4: Occur Run- away- reaction, Occur Overheating Information about the equipment, chemicals and specific circumstances involved can be mentioned for each specific event. Examples of accident abstracts that describe several events in an accident chronologically are presented in the FRIENDS accident information viewer
    Point of no return                
Event 5: Occur Overpressure
Event 6: Occur Explosion (several)
Final: 3 Fatals (fireman), 11 Injuries (7 workers, 4 fireman)

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