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Product and pricing
Learning from the past is key succes factor in improving Industrial Safety. Therefore, knowledge retention is a must. It's our profession to encode facts about an incident using a strict model and with high quality. Those facts we would like to share with you on the web. FACTS Online.

To keep the high quality of the coded accident descriptions guaranteed we consult a lot of background material. These publications and research are purchased. Because of our independence, no use of sponsors, but a commercial business model is the basis for our operations.

FACTS Online offers the following products:

Level 0 online access
This provides you with free search and insight possibilities in basic accident descriptions. This free product is made available to you via the Browse database option from the main menu.

Level 1 online access
This product extends the Level 0 product with summary descriptions of all accidents in the database, giving you more insight in the accidents subject and its event chain.
Level 1 access requires a FACTS-online account. Costs: 1000 euro every calendar year for single use.

Level 2 online access
For global understanding in how the chain of events lead up to an accident Level 1 access will do in many cases. In cases you need better understanding you can obtain full detailed coded descriptions of accidents including extended abstracts. Please, navigate to the Free examples to get an impression of the product. This Level 2 access product can be bought per accident if you have already Level 1 online access. The following pricing table is applicable.

Accidents with a quality class indication of
1 star: .................. 2 euro,
2 stars: ............... 10 euro,
3 stars: ............... 25 euro,
4 stars: ............... 50 euro,
5 stars: ............. 100 euro.

Accidents without a quality class rating will be treated as 2 starred accidents.

Interested? Want to have an account for Level 1 access? Want to buy accident descriptions? Download our Request for Quotation form , fill it out and return it to info@factsonline.nl .

Any other question?
Please contact us using our online contact form!
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