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Welcome to the FACTS chemical accident database

chemical hazard

FACTS is the acronym for "Failure and ACcidents Technical information System". FACTS is an accident database which contains information on more than 25,700 (industrial) accidents (incidents) involving hazardous materials or dangerous goods that have happened all over the world during the past 90 years.

The main objective of the FACTS chemical accident database is to learn from accidents or incidents and to prevent them in the future.
Not only analyzed and documented accidents involving severe damage or danger, such as BLEVES, major spills, huge explosions and derailments, are included, but also near-misses. The quality of the information on recorded accidents is also related to their seriousness and impact. For the most serious accidents detailed information is known; 3,00,000 pages of background information is stored, most of it electronically and remains available for further research purposes.

FACTS contains more than 25,700 accidents and can be used as an in-house reference system. The accidents are coded in abstracts making the existing data suitable for risk analysis, risk management, damage prevention and statistics. The abstracts are very accessible, so that even the most complex accidents are easy to comprehend.

The FACTS chemical accident database was a product of TNO Industrial and External Safety.

The exploitation of the database is no longer be done by TNO. The maintenance and exploitation of the database are continued by the Unified Industrial & Harbour Fire Department in Rotterdam-Rozenburg.

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Chemical accidents in the news
On the afternoon of 4 August 2020, two explosions occurred at the port of the city of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. The second explosion was extremely powerful, and caused at least 157 deaths (including firefighters), 6000 injuries, and US$10–15 billion in property damage, leaving an estimated 300000 people homeless.
Road tanker carrying liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) drove on a highway in East China when an explosion occurred causing a secondary explosion, considerable damage, killing at least 19 people and injuring 172 people
Three firefighters that were engulfed by flames while battling a blaze at a furniture plant may have miraculously escaped injury thanks to what they were wearing. A giant dust explosion occurred when wood dust ignited – sending flames shooting metres forward towards firecrews trying to extinguish the fire. The firemen are "very lucky" and owe their lives to their protection gear.
A 64-year-old construction worker was killed when an explosive detonated prematurely in what police have described as an industrial accident at a new housing development.
Seven people, including 3 firefighters were injured following a fire in a silo and (dust) explosion at a sawmill at an industrial estate
On Tuesday, a Tesla driver drove over some metal debris on the highway. The driver turned off the freeway and then the car caught fire. A spokesperson from Tesla, confirmed that one of the 16 modules that make up the Model S battery pack caught fire after direct impact with a large metal object.
A Chevron’s refinery in Richmond, California burst into flames earlier this month.
117 FedEx employees at the Super Hub at the Memphis Airport were treated for side effects after the release of a substance used to make pepper spray.
A hazardous materials emergency crew was called to a company in the Greenfield Industrial Park at mid-day Friday after a chemical spill injured a worker.
SEVEN men are being treated by paramedics after a chemical accident at an industrial unit in Brimsdown.
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